Education and Student Affairs

Education and Student Affairs Sector headed by the Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, is responsible for undergraduate students since they get admitted into college until they obtain their bachelor's degree.

Its Duties:

  1. Formulating  the policy and regulations  of study, examination, education and students.
  2. Following  up the implementation of decisions made by the of Supreme Council of Universities , State Council and the Council of Education and Student Affairs.
  3. Taking part in determining the dates for the beginning of the academic year and the end of the summer vacation in accordance with the decisions of the University Council.
  4. Preparing statistics and the data required for submitting monthly and annual reports.
  5. Designing school schedules.
  6. Receiving  new students and allocating them to different programs and departments  according to the standards approved of  by the Faculty Council.
  7. Creating data file for each student on the database of the university.
  8. Issuing student IDs after receiving the tuitions fees from each student.
  9. Enrolling students , listing their names, sending them to the academic departments and then following up the policy of attendance for each class.
  10. Designing summer courses and training sessions for students.
  11. Monitoring the process of examination, assessment, and invigilation.
  12. Collecting and registering the results of exams.
  13. Issuing medical examination forms for new students and preparing health insurance cards for them.
  14. Controlling the transfers of students to and from college as well as  enrollment suspension.
  15. Issuing enrollment proofs and filling out accommodation forms at dorms.
  16. Following up the performance of men students in their military training.
  17. Reviewing  the correction forms for faculty members as well the visiting professors.

Job Description of Education and Student Affairs Vice-Dean:

  1. Taking care of student affairs in college and supervising their capacity building program.
  2. Receiving and exploring the academic departments' requests of  teaching and participating in the examination of other outside  faculties and schools.
  3. Supervising affairs of social and sportive welfare of students.
  4. Supervising the affairs of international students.
  5. Preparing the content of the Faculty's Annual Academic Conference.

Admission and Transfer Requirements

Penalties: Regulations for student conduct and discipline


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